ferragamo pre-summer 19: the laterals


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Ferragamo has procured a 90-year heritage of seamlessly blending a penchant for staying true to its legacy roots and an insurgence to break new ground. In 1914, Salvatore Ferragamo left the small village of Bonito, Italy to pursue his dream of becoming a famous shoemaker. At only 17 years old, he set up shop in Hollywood and gained a reputation for his craftsmanship and Italian charm. Intertwined with the Golden Age of Hollywood, Ferragamo was renowned for dressing luminary women such as Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Joan Crawford, and Sophia Loren. The name Ferragamo assuredly became a global authority in fashion and culture. 

Almost a century later, the luxury fashion house continues to impel its invariable state of evolution, grounded in a history rich in brilliance and acumen. The Ferragamo brand is not only designing beautiful products but creating an elevated, visceral experience that transcends seasonal trends. This emphatic point of view is evident in Women’s Creative Director Paul Andrew and Men’s Design Director Guillaume Meilland’s shared vision for Pre-Summer 2019. 

The collection envelopes the onset of winter and the inception of spring, a narrative that brings Andrew and Meilland’s protagonist from the bustling city streets into the retreat of chic interiors. With the idea that products don't belong to a single season but is an element within a continuing biography, Andrew and Meilland expand on Autumn/Winter 2018's relaxed silhouettes with a neutral palette and lively pops of color. Pre-Summer 2019 commences on that storyline, featuring oversized silhouettes in fabrications including denim, silk twill, technical poplin and cotton linen. Sweater knit dressing is introduced in the autumn season with spring-forward silhouettes rendered in light cashmere and cotton yarns. The assortment translates a relaxed, yet ennobled confidence. 

Ferragamo has come a long way, becoming more than just a destination for shoes. Pre-Summer 2019 proves that the distinguished fashion house has taken the right step towards elevating its doctrine.