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Subject Line 1: Introducing Model Y

Subject Line 2: The New Tesla Has Finally Arrived

Subject Line 3: This Is What You’ve Been Waiting For

Tesla is taking on a new charge with the launch of Model Y - the first crossover SUV of its kind. Since our founding in 2003, we have paved the way with high-performance electric vehicles that reduce our dependence on carbon fuels and transition the world to cleaner driving.

Model Y is breaking new ground with cutting-edge features including falcon wing doors, heads up display, solar roof option, tons of cargo space, as well as a driving range of 238 miles per charge. In addition to the software updates, the new design provides the lowest probability of occupant injury, making it the safest car out on the road. The most highly anticipated advancements were to our self-driving technology, enabling Model Y to be driven completely autonomous.

At Tesla, we are taking the fast lane to accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Discover how Model Y will get us there.

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The Tesla Supercharger Network features the world’s fastest charging stations with more than 4,600 Superchargers around the world. Drivers can now readily achieve 170 miles in a 30-minute charge. Our team of innovators is always exploring new ways to grow the network and enhance our battery architecture for a more superior experience.

We are the leading EV manufacturer with the capability to charge vehicles at  groundbreaking rates. With that, we are proud to announce that Tesla is taking charge by upgrading our battery pack technology and increasing its capacity. The 15 kW surge is now reaching a top level of 165 kW, making the system even more efficient than ever. In approximately 25 minutes, drivers will have enough range to seamlessly reach the next Supercharger Station.

In a previous update on our Supercharging Program, customers who ordered a Tesla after January 1, 2016 were given 700 kW of free Supercharging credits quarterly. We implemented a small fee that still costs less than the price of filling up a commensurable gas car, but as previously noted, our company commits to never profit off of the cost of electricity. At this time, the increase in our battery pack technology will not affect the free Supercharging credits.

As we look down the road, we will continue to expand our Supercharger Network and enhance our technology so that you can always go the distance.



Even as a little girl, Jessica has been in love with nature. Her father Jim recalls coming home from work to find her crying inconsolably. Jessica had just learned about the earth’s rotation in school and was terrified. She thought that the spinning earth would cause the ocean to spill out into space and all the world’s fish would be lost forever. It was no surprise she grew up with ambitions of becoming a Biologist.

When it came time for Jessica to leave for college, she wanted her first car to align with her passion for the environment. For her father, it was essential that her first car was safe above all else. After researching their options, they decided to test drive a Tesla. They found that the Model S was the perfect blend of performance, safety and security. The electric power and cutting-edge elements were impressive, but the Autopilot feature made the decision effortless.

The technology package allows the car to manage its speed, steer, change lanes, and even have the ability to parallel park on its own. Moving to an urban city for the first time, Jessica was ecstatic about not having to park it herself, while her father was impressed by its digitally controlled brakes that worked to avoid collisions. In the end, they both agreed it was the coolest car they have ever been in. The only question was who got to drive it home.  

“Watching your kids become their own person is incredible, but letting them go can be tough. It happens so quickly, it feels like you’re moving in the fast lane. Choosing the Model S was easy because we can feel good that our vehicle is doing good for the environment. I can also rest easy knowing Jessica is in the safest car out there. In the meantime, we’re finding excuses just to go for a drive. I’ll take any excuse to spend time with her, before she’s out there on her own road to life.”