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co/ arch daily

co/ arch daily


You may have noticed we’ve gone through a bit of a transformation. That’s because we listened to what you wanted and made some changes. We love you and would do anything to make this work (don’t go, bae)! But seriously, our incredible team came together to work day and night to put forth the best platform out there. It took a lot of sweat, a lot of tears and a lot of beers. Why should you Collide with us? Because you have something great to share with the world and we want to help you make money doing it. What if creatives never had to worry about money again? That is what gets us going every single day, the aspiration to bring more creativity into the world… and make it profitable. Our updates are designed to empower you to Collide for your cause. Whether it’s writing your novel, recording an album, giving to charity, or creating how-to videos on properly executing burpees. We developed an easy to navigate website that allows people to create and consume content with groundbreaking features, and a simple fee structure that never leaves you in the dark. All that’s required from you: be you and dream big.

Go Ahead, Dial In

So, how does one Collide? It’s simple. First, all you have to do is create. Our easy-to-use platform features tools that allow you to share the content you produce. You can post photos from your trip to Barcelona, on-demand videos from your open mic, blog about your fear of ketchup, and more. Next, connect with Supporters. Our approach is different than other platforms because you can develop real, long-lasting relationships with people who want to support your cause. You can connect via talk or text, offer exclusive content or provide premier access for a look behind-the-scenes. You set your availability so you are always in control. And don’t worry, we never provide your real contact information or phone number. Last step, fund your passions. This sustainable revenue stream gives you the financial and creative freedom to pursue your dreams on your terms. Buy more paints, plan a trip or take that creative writing class; you are in charge here.

Get With The Click

With nothing in your way, the possibilities are endless. Even if you’re using other platforms, that’s cool with us. The difference is, we give you the freedom to create whatever you want without getting shut down. There’s no wrong way to do it. For example, sharing free content is a great marketing tool. This gives new Supporters insight on who you are and your expertise. Or, create paid content that is only accessible through purchase or subscription. It’s all up to you! Supporters provide you with financial funding through monthly subscriptions, bundles or by purchasing content a la carte. Our process is incredibly seamless, so all you have to worry about is finishing that step-by-step guide on world domination. Creators create, Supporters support and everyone Collides. What else do you gain from using our platform? You can make connections, enrich lives, work from remote islands, or solve global warming. Yes, we believe you can do it.

We’re So Predictable

Collide is different than other platforms because we are all about being radically transparent. By doing so, you are empowered to run your businesses with confidence. We believe that the more you know… well, the more you know. And obviously, knowing is half the battle. Our straightforward, no-hidden fee structure ensures that our Creators are never surprised at the end of the day. The number-crunching team members at Collide understand that by taking on the burden of cost, we can offer our users lower fees. We only receive 10% of pledges & donations, or 20% of any add-on purchases. We also provide direct deposit once a week, every week your balance is $75 or more. We are also doing our part by supporting tax-deductible organizations, events and causes by reducing their fees.

Create. Connect. And Collide (rinse, repeat).

We believe that creativity is contagious, so pass it on. Share what you got and get paid doing what you love the most. We are here to help you make that happen. Contact us anytime with questions, concerns or hit us up for happy hour. Our mission is to empower you to Collide - and discover the endless possibilities. Big dreams get funded here.

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